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Hair Care & Use

Tips of Hair Care:


 (Not always necessary but recommended)
1. Rinse the hair with warm water.

2. Gently run your fingers through the hair

3. Allow the hair to air dry

Our Hair are made from 100% Human Hair, So you have to care for slightly difoily than your own hair. Check those do's and don'ts we write up for you. 


  • You can curl, bleach, pluck & straighten them.
  • You can use your GHDs on them without any problem. 
  • You can wash hair extensions.
  • You can dye OR restyle them.
  • Don't use the flat iron to restyle hair frequently with high temperature. If you must use heat, be sure to use a leave in conditioner or heat protectant first. Do not exceed 400°F. 
  • Don't use products containing alcohol as they can dry out the hair. You won't want to see that happen.
  • Don't bleach or ighten frequently.
  • Don't wear your extensions when swiming and try not to get them wet in the rain.
1. Comb hair with a wide tooth comb, beginning at the ends and working your way towards the scalp.
2. We do not recommend the use of bristle brushes. Use a brush designed for hair extensions such as a loop brush or paddle brush.
3. Do not use oily or greasy products, it will weigh your hair down and cause tangling. A dab of olive oil or argan oil for shine will suffice. 
4. Use alcohol free styling aids, such as mouse, gel, and hairspray in moderation.
5. Before going to bed, braid, pin curl, or roller set your hair. 
6. Sleep with a satin cap, satin scarf, or satin covered pillow.